Girls, similarly to guys can be separated into various groups according to their personality and behavior. Those who are fascinated by these typologies will have the chance to learn more about the way men select the perfect date partner.

The following guide to 6 types of women men avoid offers an intriguing insight into the way gents think about us. See whether you can identify yourself with one category or another. Make smaller changes in your behavior to become a real cutie-magnet.

No.1 Miss Romance

This woman lives in a fairy-tale world without realizing how a real relationship should feel like. Men simply avoid girls who just can’t cope with daily financial or social problems. Moreover, they are also disappointed when Miss Romance tries to take advantage of their generosity.

No.2 Miss Smart-Pants

Are you keen on flaunting your intelligence? Avoid doing it on the first date. Guys feel intimidated by girls who speak in a dozen of languages and have at least 3 university degrees.

Instead of creating embarrassing situations by testing your cutie’s knowledge in various domains, behave naturally and impress him with your kindness.

No.3 Miss Feminist

Equality of rights in a relationship is extremely important. However, Miss Feminist will try to create the impression that men want to suppress us and take advantage of our sensuality. Preserving your femininity is the secret weapon to stay attractive and approachable in the eyes of men.

No.4 Miss Insecure

Insecurity is not one of the most impressive qualities in a woman. Guys tend to spot it right away. Those ladies who don’t know what they want from life, a relationship or their partner will definitely put a pressure on their loved ones. Constant reassurance can ruin a blooming relationship.

No.5 The Gold-Digger

Even men who own realms of fortune will have the skills to spot a gold-digger from a distance. These girls are expecting you to pay for the dinner and the whole date. In their case men know that happiness equals money. Therefore, they tend to avoid them when it comes to looking for a long-lasting relationship.

No.6 Miss Tease

Miss Tease will flirt with everyone in order to strengthen her reputation as a real treat for men. Her sexuality is obvious especially when analyzing her gestures and even outfits. She enjoys attention and was probably daddy’s little girl. Guys tend to avoid these types of women in order to spare themselves from trust issues.

Types of Women Men Avoid

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