If you don’t want to appear as an easy catch for men, it is wise to learn a few professional tricks on how to convince them that it’s time to start the flirting maneuver. The 6 tricks to make a guy flirt with you presented below are offered by dating experts who know how to control delicate situations. Radiate confidence and subtle sex-appeal to increase your chances for a hot date. Use these fun methods to enjoy the admiration of different men.

1. Don’t Be Too Chatty

Men often get intimidated by women who are in the center of the attention. Don’t be too chatty to talk to everyone without any reason. Instead, create a more mysterious and sensual aura by smiling and carefully listening to others. Save your one-man show for other occasions.

2. Happy People Are More Appealing

Statistics proved that happy people seem more appealing to others. The fact that you’re trying to have a good time will seem more inspiring for guys.

They’ll become curious about what makes you so relaxed and cheerful. This factor boosts their confidence to join your closest circle.

3. Dress Casually

In the majority of cases guys have a serious problem approaching women who wear an impressive apparel.

If you want them to start the flirting process, it is wise to learn the basics of dressing casually. Sport flattering clothes which radiate an effortless and not too intimidating elegance.

4. Flirting With Others

Men who see other gents flirt with an attractive woman will often take inspiration from this act. Moreover, it is also scientifically demonstrated that the testosterone level will start to grow which gives guys the courage to start the big FLIRT in the hope of success.

5. Hang Out With Your Friends

A number of studies demonstrated that men are less afraid of approaching a woman who is surrounded by friends. A girl who is by herself will seem pretty challenging for any guy. Therefore, skip solo activities and have fun with your closest circle to attract more guys.

6. Sit In The Same Place For a Longer Period of Time

Girls who become moving targets will only discourage guys who want to carefully analyze their appearance and body language. Therefore, if you’re on a hunt for a cutie, make sure you sit in the same place for a longer period of time. Give men a chance to approach you without having to wander around the bar or the room.

Make a Guy Flirt With You

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