In order to give your blooming relationship the necessary time to evolve, it is important to respect your significant other. Keeping various issues secret doesn’t mean that your date has something to hide. This problem is more about discretion and that he wants to share his deepest thoughts with the perfect person. Find out more about the following 6 things a guy won’t tell you about himself on the first date to make sure you avoid putting inappropriate questions about delicate issues.

1. Family Problems

If you want to make your date feel pleasant on your first meeting, avoid family issues. Men often avoid to talk about delicate issues related to their parents, siblings or any other family member. This is a matter of privacy. If you want to show him your respect, let him find the perfect moment to talk about these subjects.

2. ‘I Like You’

The guy will propose a second date and will make you feel attractive, without ever saying ‘I Like You’. This is one of the most common sentences you won’t hear on the first date, especially if the men has serious intentions with you.

Admitting this is one of the most difficult tasks and he’ll definitely need some time to figure out his impressions. Don’t expect him to gush about similar sentimental issues.

3. He’s Not Successful In His Profession

Men always to seem successful and financially stable. Therefore, some of them are reluctant to share their inability to find a suitable job and make the most of their working potential.

If you want him to feel comfortable in your company, make sure you avoid this subject on the first date.

4. He’s In A Hunt For A Relationship

Guys want to appear super-cool and relaxed on the first date. Therefore, they won’t reveal if they’re in a hunt for a long-term relationship. Commitment is one of the most controversial issues you can talk about on this special event. However, if you want to save him from any pressure, let him make the first step towards putting the basis of a relationship.

5. His ‘Issues’ About Aging and His Appearance

Insecurity is not the best quality women look for in a men. Therefore, guys will hide their issues about aging, baldness, extra pounds and other subjects. Admitting these concerns would make them look and feel too vulnerable. Therefore, save your complains about your own appearance for later to have a discussion rather than presenting a monologue.

6. Painful Breakups

Guys often need time to share their most painful experiences related to past relationships or flicks. This is not a warning sign that he’s too tough to show his vulnerable side, however, it is important that he hides his crybaby side. Wait for the perfect moment to ask your cutie about these delicate issues.

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