Everyone talks about chemistry and how important it is in a harmonious relationship. Common interests might not be enough to keep the flame of a blooming love. Feeling comfortable and relaxed in the company of a person means a type of chemistry. However, we must also mention mutual attraction which is also extremely important.

The 6 signs you two have chemistry below will offer you the chance to see whether a date can become more than a simple outing and whether it can be turned into a serious relationship or not.

No.1 Butterflies in Your Stomach

Are you feeling that special spark? Congratulations, you two do have chemistry! See his reactions when he spots you. If you feel equally excited to meet him or just hear his voice, it is clear that this person interests you on more levels, not only on a physical one.

No.2 Constant Fidgeting

You’ve noticed that you just can’t stop playing with your locks or an object when he’s around?

Don’t worry, this is the ultimate sign of chemistry. If he does the same thing, love is definitely in the air. People tend to be over-stimulated when feeling attraction.

No.3 Observing The Tiniest Details

Chemistry is obvious when you start spotting the tiniest details in the appearance of your date partner.

Imprinting is the scientific term used for this type of attachment caused by the increase of the dopamine level in our system. See whether he scans your outfit or appearance to decide whether he feels the same way for you.

No.4 You’re A Bit Clumsy

Dropping your fork and spilling your drink can be a sign of chemistry. In fact, there’s a scientific explanation for this reaction. The body produces a high level of norepinephrine which can make you uncoordinated. Don’t feel embarrassed by your tiny accidents, instead all you have to do is smile. If similar things happen to your partner, you’re on the right way to build a blooming relationship.

No.5 You Say Your Names More Times

Your date mentions your name more times during a conversation? This is one of the warning signs that attraction starts to build up. People often make this gesture in order to attract the full attention of that particular person. If you feel like doing the same thing, there’s definitely chemistry between you two.

No.6 A Tiny Squint and A Smile

Believe it or not, people do this apparently minor gesture unconsciously. However, scientists demonstrated that in fact this act reveals our interest in the other person. Squinting radiates a mysterious and at the same time funny allure. See whether your cutie does this cute move during your date.

Ypu Two Have Chemistry

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