It’s not a secret that most people consider mutual physical attraction extremely important. If you’re one of these individuals, read through this expert guide on 6 signs that show that there’s chemistry between you and him. These subtle yet telltale signs will show you whether you and your date feel attracted to each other.

1. You’re Fidgety On The Date

Numerous date experts confirmed that being extremely fidgety on a date means that you’re attracted to your date partner. In fact, the explanation behind these gestures is the fact that you’re loaded with excess energy and you must channel it into physical activities. See whether he does the same thing and decide whether this is a good sign of existing chemistry.

2. Change In Your and His Voice

Your tone says so much about your mood. Therefore, if you start talking in a deeper tone and he mimics your gesture, it is a clear sign that there’s chemistry between you and your date partner. Doing this unconsciously means that you feel attracted to this cutie.

3. You’re Able to See Even The Smallest Details

According to Niko Tinbergen, a German ethologist, when we feel attracted to another person the dopamine level in our organism rises and we start focusing on the smallest details.

That’s why you’ll be able to see even the tiniest mole or pimple on the face of your date partner. If you see him looking the same way at you, it means that there’s a strong chemistry between you and him.

4. You Become More Compromising

According to specialists, when you feel extremely attracted to someone you become more compromising. After the first date with a cute guy notice whether he wanted to take over the lead or he was eager to sacrifice his principles for the sake of fun. Analyze your own and his gestures to see whether there’s a strong chemistry between you and him.

5. Strong Eye Contact

If you’ve managed to keep a strong eye contact during your date, it means that you definitely managed to suppress your shyness for the sake of sending a clear love message to your partner. A similar eye contact is one of the clear signs of mutual attraction. See whether he also refuses to look away.

6. The Feeling of Familiarity

Chemistry equals a sense of familiarity you’ll feel when meeting a person you really like. In fact, people often look for precious qualities in their date partner in order to feel more comfortable. Therefore, if you managed to stay relaxed and calm during your date, it is a good sign that there’s chemistry between you and him.

Signs of Love Chemistry

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