Sometimes it is painful and hard to come to terms with the decision of the one you really like. However, in order to save yourself from unpleasant situations, it is highly recommended to skim through the following list of 6 signs he wants to be just friends. Keep in mind these gestures and acts and adopt the right attitude to clarify things.

No.1 He Invites His Friends to Hang Out With You

You were preparing for a romantic date, however he invited his friends too. This is one of the obvious signs that your crush wants to make his friendly intentions pretty clear. If the guy wished to spend more time with you, the date would have been a private one.

No.2 You Take The Initiative Most of the Time

Making a romantic gesture or calling him is not always the best trick to find out whether he wants more or not.

Therefore, wait until he’s eager to talk to you, rather than putting him under the pressure of your feelings.

No.3 His Messages Are Direct

There are no extra words or ideas in his message? Then your cutie is clearly avoiding the subject of a serious relationship.

Read through his emails and text messages to find out more about his intention. Try to come to terms with his decision and don’t ask for explanations.

No.4 He Talks About His Ex-Girlfriends

Swallow your anger and pain when you hear him telling a story about his ex-girlfriend. Instead of stressing out, draw the ultimate conclusion that your relationship will not get to the next level. Behave naturally and make sure he is unaware of your feelings.

No.5 He’ll Text You In The Last Minute

This is one of the tricky signs you should still take into consideration. If the guy texts you an hour before an actual activity or wants to invite you to grab a snack, it usually means that he got bored of staying at home and wanted to hang out with friends or somebody, not particularly you. The explanation for this sign is that if he wished to spend the afternoon with you, he would’ve planned things beforehand.

No.6 He Doesn’t Try To Touch You

Those guys who wish to make their romantic intentions obvious will find a way to touch you. If your friend avoids this gesture, it means he is firmly convinced you’re just a friend for him. Pay special attention to this important sign to stay up-to-the-minute with the evolution of your human relations.

Just Friends Signs

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