Men just can’t get enough of living out their playful side. A date seems the perfect occasion to use their skills to test their partner. Guys are keen to find out whether a girl is affordable, interested in their personality and last but not least respectful. Skim through our short presentation of 6 secret tests guys use on a date to become the master of seduction.

No.1 Are You Punctual?

Long gone are the days when girls were expected to be late to a meeting. Nowadays, guys consider it disrespectful if you decide to arrive minutes or hours later. Make sure you’re not failing the first and most important test that can guarantee the outcome of your special date.

No.2 Are you interested in his personality?

Showing some interest is the secret weapon to win a guy’s heart. As a consequence, it is essential to have in mind a few questions that can reveal more about his personality and hobbies.

Get to know him more with a few general questions. Be sure not to turn your date into an interrogatory.

No.3 Are You Affordable?

What you order can create a positive or negative impression on your date. Believe it or not, guys tend to judge you by the drinks and desserts you order at a restaurant or bar.

Expensive beverages and meals might make you seem unaffordable for a man who’s fond of simple things. Stick to less complicated orders and keep things cool to make sure you’ll get a second shot for love.

No.4 Do you get stressed out easily?

Guys use various apparently unforeseen circumstances to test whether you get stressed out easily or not. In order to charm him, all you have to do is come up with the best answer and solution to different problems. Good impression is guaranteed if you show off your problem solving skills.

No.5 Are You Cheating with Your Answers?

Pleasing him with fake answers and gestures can backfire. Those girls who long for a serious relationship should be 100% honest. One way or another your date will definitely find out whether you’ve been using a curtain to mask your real personality, needs and dreams.

No.6 Do You Have Good Communication Skills?

Men will leave you take the initiative and come up with brand new subjects to see your communication skills. This quality is important since it can play an essential role in your ability to enter his closest circle. You have to be able to listen and talk to his friends to make the best impression. Fill in the pause only if you have an interesting subject to tackle. Don’t start with The Hills, sitcoms or celebrity gossips especially if you’re on the first date.

Guys Tests On A Date

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