Dating is the first step towards finding a boyfriend. However, some get sick and tired of unfortunate dates when you get to meet guys who have nothing in common with you.

In order to pick the ideal partner like a real love guru, it is important to consider the following 6 reasons you’re not finding the right guy. Analyze your behavior and expectations to find out whether it would be more appropriate to make small adjustments to the profile of the ONE.

No.1 Listen to Your Heart Not to What Others Say

Don’t let yourself be influenced by what your friends and family say. In the majority of cases, you’ll forget about your own standards and needs in order to please others. It’s time to listen to your heart and don’t make compromises if you don’t want to. Stick to your principles and your confidence will definitely attract the right guys.

No.2 Your Hopes and Standards Are Set Too High

Are you puzzled about the future of your love life? Then it is worth lamenting on your standards and hopes when it comes to the ideal man.

Those girls who look for prince charming might not find the real deal on this planet. Stay realistic and think about the qualities as well as the vices of the man you want to share your life with. Be prepared for various situations to know how to react.

No.3 Low Self-Esteem

If you don’t feel comfortable in your skin, men will definitely notice it. The ultimate solution to your flirting and dating dilemmas is to start loving your body and feel free to play up your best assets.

Participate on a training or let others help you win back your confidence. Self-esteem is important to turn yourself into an attractive and sensual woman. Receive compliments like a real diva.

No.4 Stay Natural

Guys have a keen eye on spotting what’s fake and what’s real on a girl. Skip using loads of makeup to change the color of your skin or use other radical methods to create the impression of a flawless body. Instead, stay natural and let your beauty skills guide you through the fabulous pre-date makeover. Your date partner will definitely appreciate your intention to show him your real look.

No.5 Keep Your Role as a Woman

Being overconfident and feminist are the worst qualities no man can appreciate. In a relationship it is important to keep your role as a woman. Let your loved one do his duties and what he knows best. Don’t interfere unless you’re able to adopt a humble attitude. The secret to make your boyfriend feel comfortable in this relationship is to let him protect and pamper you.

No.6 Don’t Be Too Pushy

At the beginning of your relationship it would be a HUGE mistake to make long-term decisions and commitments. Instead, enjoy the blooming phase and spare your cutie from the pressure of marriage and other terrifying subjects. Spontaneity teamed up with a relaxed attitude towards your relationship will guarantee the long-lasting future of this strong love bond. Stick to your own social life and hang out with your friends to flaunt your independent side.

Reasons For Not Finding The Right Guy

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