Finding the best dating partner might seem a real challenge. In order to spare yourself from a series of fiascos, it is important to keep in mind a few useful guidelines. Pro love advisers are eager to help you improve your observatory skills to spot the ONE who deserves to spend a fabulous date night with you.

The secret to maintain your enthusiasm when it comes to flirting is to grant yourself with a myriad of successful experiences. Read through the list of the 6 most difficult guys to date and think through all your romantic initiatives you made to similar men.


Though you might consider yourself a brainy girl, dating a geek needs serious preparations. It might actually seem a real challenge to rise to his standards and have an enjoyable conversation about various subjects. Moreover, when it comes to party-time, they can behave pretty weird. However, if you think you can handle embarrassing situations, you’re encouraged to experiment with similar guys.

2. The Shy One

Dating rookies can give you serious headaches especially if you don’t know how to handle shy people. These guys don’t know how to start a conversation or react to your questions.

Therefore, if you still want to make them feel comfortable, take over the lead of the whole date night. Come up with fun ideas and subjects for relaxed conversations. If you’re not too enthusiastic about a similar date, feel free to avoid them.

3. The Party Animal

Are you ready to join the party caravan? If not, think twice before you accept the invitation of a party animal for a date.

These guys live on the bright side of life and consider themselves a top attraction of the festive events. They love to hang out with their friends no matter what you or others say. Are you ready to be the girlfriend of an entertainer?

4. The Career Man

Your profession is very important, however there’s no need to constantly prove to your dating partner that you’re reliable and responsible. Career men will definitely be the most boring dating partners. Save yourself from a detailed presentation of your cutie’s objectives in life limited-of course- to money and profession.

5. Mama’s Boy

Those men who keep talking about their family and what their mother would say will definitely prove to be the worst dating partners. Before accepting his invitation for a date give yourself a minute to think about your possible future. It will be a real disaster because these men tend to be dependent on their mother and family in general.

6. The Trouble-Seeker

These guys can be pretty annoying, always fighting for some cause to start a revolution. If you’re fond of relaxed men who know how to react even in the most critical situations, it’s obvious anarchists are not for you. These people tend to live in their own world and care more about their own interests than for the common ones.

Difficult Guys to Date

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