Women often consider themselves the masters of flirting and seduction. However, according to the latest studies men have great difficulties decoding their real intention with a date or a relationship.

These factors can lead to embarrassing situations. The secret to save yourself from confusing and unexpected reactions is to read through our selection of 6 mixed signals girls give to guys.

1. You’re Talking to Everyone Except Him

Girls often want to create the ‘hard to get’ impression which can easily backfire after a few occasions. If you’re talking to everyone else but him during a party event, he’ll have the impression that you’ve changed your mind. In fact, more than probably your aim is to save him from the pressure and play things cool. If you really want to conquer this cutie, devote the same attention to his presence as to the other members of your closest circle.

2. You’re Always Dressed Up Sporty and Casual

Feeling comfortable in your outfit is extremely important to stay relaxed during an afternoon spent in the park or at a fun event.

However, if you show only your sporty side, guys will think that you don’t want to impress them at all. This behaviour will convince them of your intention to keep your relationship in the friend zone.

3. Fun and Friendly Text Messages

Boys are often confused by the fun and friendly calls and messages of girls. If you want to keep him in the buddy zone, keep flooding him with these cute things.

However, those girls who want to flirt, instead of confusing their cutie should definitely keep these messages and videos for the next phase of the relationship when things become crystal clear for both partners.

4. You Talk About Your Ex-Boyfriends

If you’re one of those girls who wants to create the impression of being cool with friendly relationships, save him from the pressure of flirting by talking about your ex-boyfriends with the worst seductive tactic. Boys often get the impression that you would definitely not reveal your past experiences with other guys if you thought of them as a potential boyfriend.

5. ‘I Want A Little Space’

Men often don’t understand this statement especially if it comes out of the blue. In fact, you want to spend time with exploring the world around you, whereas he’ll think that everything is all right and you need a little privacy. If you want to move on and separate, be clear and come right out without keeping him in an unpleasant situation.

6. You Invite Him Out With Your Friends

Guys just can’t decide whether you want to spend more time with them or not if you plan an activity together with your friends. If your point is to make him feel comfortable and relaxed, think about your tricks twice and learn how to make him feel really special during this faux-date. Talk to your cutie during the night to make sure he has no doubt about your future plans with this blooming relationship.

Mixed Signs Girl Give To Guys

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