Often it is difficult to tame your excitement and think of best subjects to talk over with your cutie. The following 6 first date conversation starters will teach you how to make the best of your conversation skills and have fun during your romantic dinner.

In order to make your date feel comfortable it is wise to prepare with a few top themes you can discuss. Learn more about the simplest and most successful 6 first date conversation starters to save yourself from an embarrassing meltdown. Use these tricks to guarantee your chance for a second date and feel comfortable all throughout the outing.

No.1'How was your day?'

This conversation starter is perfect to avoid embarrassing silence. People have no problem talking about themselves especially when it comes to work and their daily schedule. This question works magic with your conversation and creates the impression that you're really interested in everything about the lifestyle of your date.

No.2 Past Conversations

Though it might be your first date, probably you've met before. Use the past conversations and events as the perfect subject for small talk.

Ask your date about where he was when you phoned him last time. You can also find out more about his favorite travel destinations and other details.

No.3 Talk About Not Talking

Silence can be pretty embarrassing. Therefore, why not have fun while mentioning that it is difficult to find a theme you both enjoy.

It will definitely make you more relaxed and you can also make a few jokes on this subject.

No.4 Questions with Open Ending

Always ask questions that have an open ending. Skip those ones that can be answered with 'yes' or 'no'. Avoid creating the atmosphere of an interrogation and let him do the talking instead.

No.5 Talk about the Place You're In

Ask him whether he is a regular customer there and what are other places he likes to visit in your town or other cities. This is a perfect conversation starter if you wish to rule out the chance of running out of any subjects for delightful small talks.

No.6 Make Them Smart and Useful

If you have a problem, go ahead and ask them for any advice. Make sure these problems will still preserve your spotless reputation and these are related to job or hobbies. Skip topics such as family conflicts, exes and other personal problems. If you'll have the communication skills to make him feel useful and confident, you'll earn the privilege of a second date.

Conversation Starters

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