Men often give us serious headaches with their ‘cryptic behavior’ and misleading gestures. The following set of 6 body language signs he likes you offers a smart guide to discover the real intention of the man of your dreams. Before making any hasty decisions why not analyze the behavior of your cutie.

1. Rubbing His Eyebrows

Body language experts created a complete guide of signs men often use when having strong feelings for a woman. When a guy is gently rubbing his eyebrows or he adjusts his glasses, it is a clear sign that he likes you. Men often do this unconsciously, therefore, pay special attention to this apparently insignificant yet telltale signal.

2. Smiling While Talking

Guys often don’t have a reason to smile while talking to a special girl but they still do. According to love gurus this is one of the crucial signs of his affection. See whether your cutie does the same thing and read his body language like a real professional date expert.

3. Being Kind to Your Friends

Men don’t shy away of extra efforts when they want to impress you. If your cutie starts to behave respectfully with your friends, it means that he wants you to appreciate his gesture. This generous act is one of the important signs of attraction.

4. Flirting Triangle

This is one of the most revealing signs guys often use unconsciously. The trick is called flirting triangle and it means that men often look you into the eye, then they head down to your mouth and back to your eyes. See whether he does that regularly to discover his intentions with your blooming relationship.

5. Combing His Hair With His Hands

Numerous love gurus claim that when a guy is combing his hair with his hands and he also tilts his head forward, you can be sure he wants to impress you. Boys are often concerned about their appearance especially when the girl of their dreams is around.

6. He Talks With His Hands

The majority of men use their hands to communicate when they feel embarrassed and anxious. See whether your dream guy uses more gestures when you’re around to attract your attention and mask his confidence issues. This is definitely a sign of his affection.

Body Language Signs He Likes You

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