Flirting can be extremely fun if you learn how to emphasize your best assets and get what you want in a subtle and creative way. Arm yourself up with a few professionally inspired tricks on how to bring out the most of your party nights.

The 5 ways to flirt without saying a thing will help you make cuties notice you in an instant. Stand out from the crowd with your sex-appeal and break out of your boring shell with the time-tested dating techniques.

No.1 Make Him Your Friend On Facebook

If you’re really shy, social networking will furnish you with the best means to make a guy notice you. Send your cutie a friend request without any message. Then, if you meet personally, it is more than likely that he’ll spot you right away. Hopefully your crush has more courage than you and is willing to befriend you.

No.2 Smile

This is one of the secret weapons to attract men on a party event.

Show off your flawless white teeth and be sure to stay natural while seducing the opposite sex with a fabulous smile. Your positive aura will convince guys of how fun it is to be in your closest circle.

No.3 Touch His Elbow

This is one of the time-tested tricks everyone uses in order to attract the attention of a guy. If you’re in a crowded bar or club, make sure you get near him.

Then, with a subtle and sensual move, touch his elbow. Be sure your strategy seems accidental and subtle. This is actually the secret to make him start the obvious flirting process.

No.4 Dance ‘With’ Him

It might seem pretty difficult to flirt at a crowded club. However, if dancing is involved, you’ll have the secret weapon to attract his attention. Stand closer to him and melt into the dancing crowd. Touch him accidentally or use only eye contact to make sure you’re on the right track of seducing him. Use your creativity to make sure you stay elegant and feminine.

No.5 Eye Contact

If you want to attract the attention of a guy, you’ll have to master the art of flirting. One efficient strategy to seduce him is to keep eye contact. Stay calm and don’t turn your head as soon as he noticed your glimpse. Don’t be embarrassed, the more you practice, the more comfortable these gestures will become.

Flirt Without Words

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