We definitely know that a woman constantly feels the need to be understood, admired and loved. And since facts are not always enough, words can indeed do miracles. Well, thinking that only girls call for this type of appreciation is more than wrong. Men might be from Mars and women from Venus, yet guys also have this necessity of hearing some nice compliments. Therefore, it is good that once in a while you say those magic things guys love to hear.

“It’s ok, no problem. You don’t have to explain”

Despite the fact that we usually seem to speak different languages, guys love to have their abilities recognised and appreciated. It has been shown that men tend to become rather non-communicative when having to face certain problems. Consequently, instead of pressuring him, try to calm things down and tell him he doesn’t have to explain. Well, for the moment. However, when everything will come back to normal he will talk to you.

“You look so sexy”/”I love your smile”

Of course men are more obsessed with their appearance than they like to admit. However, studies reveal that they have a much more positive body-image than women. Even so, a guy too has insecurities and wants to know that his significant other still finds him attractive. Therefore, take the initiative and tell him he looks great and charming. Once in a while, though!

“I believe in you”

Guys love to do things which are appreciated rather than those which are demanded. Maybe your significant other just wants you to let him know you are extremely proud and that you strongly believe in him. Be supportive and he will undoubtedly find you more attractive!

“Will you help me with this?”

What do guys want? They want you to support them in what they do and boost their self-confidence. Since men like to show off their super abilities, it is essential to ask for their help. You’ll see that phrases like “Will you help me with this…?” can really have spellbinding powers. This way you’ll make him feel needed and important. Also, try asking him to teach or explain to you something you don’t understand. Another great idea is to ask for his advice.

“You make me feel special”

We all know that sometimes things are not perfect and a relationship can have its ups and downs. Still, don’t forget to tell him he makes you feel special and happy and that you are so lucky to be with him. This will make him understand that he has finally discovered the key to your happiness and to a successful relationship.

5 Things Guys Love to Hear

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