In creating and keeping a relationship interesting, creativity and willingness to impress are absolute musts. Dating is one of the areas in which these two qualities can be best reflected and trying your best to come up with interesting suggestions can help you make a positive impression every time.

From highly creative dates to tried and tested ideas, there are lots of suggestions that can work for different types of couples or stages in a relationship. Focus on variety and on creating memories that will last a long time with some of these date night ideas:

Go to the movies The movie date might have become a cliché, but with good reason. Finding a movie that both of you will enjoy can be a great ice breaker while also giving you a great topic of discussion you can turn to if you wish to avoid those dreaded awkward silent moments.

Concerts Music concerts can also be a fun date idea especially for couples who have similar musical preferences. Having fun together with a lot of effort or pressure can be the perfect option if you are looking for a way to break the routine and have fun together.

Go sporty Getting your heart rate up can be an amazing boredom busting date idea, especially if you and your crush are interested in having fun while boosting the endorphin response you would normally get from exercising alone. Hiking, indoor rock climbing or even going dancing together can be great opportunities to connect on a different level while taking a fun challenge at the same time.

Split the date There’s an old adage: opposites attract. And, while this idea might be extremely exciting, it can often create problems when trying to decide on an activity both of you can enjoy. Rather than making compromises as it might seem intuitive, splitting the date and including two different activities both of you will enjoy will enable you to celebrate your differences rather than letting them be a source of dissatisfaction.

Immortalize your date If you choose a date that involves a lot of walking and sight seeing, taking a camera along with you will help you take a fun date to the next level. Make pictures together and leave seriousness aside to create memories that will trigger pleasant feelings at the blink of an eye. Literally.

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