Nobody says that you should stop dating after a great disappointment. Instead, you should be confident that at some point you’ll meet someone that’s perfect for you, that will love and accept you, flaws and all.

Dating Tips Newly Single: Patience

When it comes to giving newly single dating advice, we’d firstly suggest being patient. Why? Because throughout the whole dating process you’ll get to meet guys that may seem perfect on paper, but eventually the reality will rear its ugly head. After a few dates, you might realize that you don’t exactly have so many things in common and you see life differently. So, we recommend following this newly single dating tip, because in the end you’ll meet someone great.

Newly Single Dating Advice: Positive Attitude

Positive attitude is one of those great newly single dating tips. Just think about all those great things you’ve achieved so far both professionally and personally and of all the people that love and appreciate you for who you are. You should always have in mind this great newly single dating advice before starting meeting new people. You’ll show confidence and you’ll be ready for a new adventure.

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Newly Single Advice: Break the Ice

You’ve reached the point of the actual date, so here’s a fresh piece of newly single advice: be the one to break the ice! For example, if this new guy invited you to an art galley, you should address a direct question such as ‘Have you visited other photography exhibitions this year?’. He’ll feel comfortable enough to start a good conversation.

Newly Single Dating Tip: Be Prepared to Make Mistakes

If you’re searching for a really good newly single dating tip, here’s what we suggest: prepare to make mistakes. Nobody was born knowing what to do when dating again after a long period of time. So, it’s better to get used to the idea that you might be a little clumsy or say the wrong things. Don’t be scared, it’s perfectly normal and we all make mistakes.

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Newly Single Tips: Get Strategic

Most people are afraid of rejection, but if you want to start dating again, you should bear in mind one of the most effective tips: courage. If you run in a cute guy at the airport or in a coffee shop, don’t be shy and exchange contact information. Who knows, he might call you or you might call him yourself. In the end, you’ll get to spend great moments together and you’ll be thankful for this great newly single dating advice.

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