Being honest can be difficult, but when you decide to end a relationship, it’s usually better to speak your mind about the reasons that made you want to break up. If you avoid the real issue and keep making excuses, you’re doing a disservice to the guy and all his future girlfriends.

While brutal honesty can sometimes be too much, using one of the worst excuses for breaking up can genuinely leave him confused about your real reasons. Instead of being vague and using a classic line just to get out of it, try to be sincere, and avoid these silly excuses.

1. It’s Not You, It’s Me

Going for the vaguest line possible can actually contribute to the tension of a break up instead of diffusing it. Instead of pulling this line, that doesn’t really say anything, try to be honest about what he did to turn you off. If anyone has ever rejected you with this stupid line, then you know how it feels and shouldn’t use it too.

2. You Deserve Better

Another dumb thing to say, this is one of the worst excuses for breaking up because it’s showing that you’re a coward about the whole thing. No variation of this line is acceptable, since it makes your guy feel like you don’t have any respect for him. It implies that you know what’s best and you’re acting on behalf of both of you, despite his wishes.

3. I’m Not Ready for a Relationship Right Now

This one is particularly stupid when it’s coming from the person who pursued the relationship. But in any context, it’s hard not to be frustrated by it, since it generally means nothing. It’s just a standard and empty excuse that doesn’t make the guy understand what he did wrong. And unless it’s something super embarrassing, that you just can’t stand talking about, it’s better to be honest about the real reason.

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4. I Just Really Need to Focus on…

Whether it’s school or a job, this is still one of the worst excuses for breaking up. If you really wanted to be with him, you’d give him a chance to stick around while you get through the difficult period that will keep you very busy. Don’t use it as a pretext for breaking up when you don’t really mean it.

5. I Need Some Space

Finally, a standard break up line that’s giving even a little insight into the real reasons why the relationship is ending. It’s the really delicate way of saying “You’re suffocating me”, but letting him draw his own conclusions isn’t always best, since he could accuse you of cheating or just using him until the guy you really like reciprocated.

6. I Don’t Want You to Get Hurt.

This sounds laughable even when coming from Christian Grey himself. It’s one of the worst excuses for breaking up and it shows your lack of respect for him just like “You deserve better”. Allow him the opportunity to learn from his relationship and be upfront about the real reason.

7. I Have Commitment Issues

This one is a line used by guys a lot of the time, but it boils down to “I don’t like you enough to commit to you”. If that’s the only problem, then you might get away with it, but if there’s any specific turn off that led to your decision, it would be nice of you to let him know, so he doesn’t repeat the same mistakes in future relationships.

8. I’m Not Over My Ex

When this is insincere, it’s one of the worst excuses for breaking up. However, if you still hope to get back with your ex, you need to say a little more than that. Let him know that you weren’t using him to make your ex jealous and mean it. That’s the first thing that will cross his mind.

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9. I’m Just Looking for Something Casual

This approach only works when you’ve made it clear from the start that you’re not looking for a relationship. If you have, then it’s his mistake for making assumptions. If you haven’t… an apology for wasting his time wouldn’t hurt.

10. I Don’t Think Our Lifestyles Are Compatible

Whether it’s work schedules or priorities in general, this can be a good way to end a relationship, if you actually mean it. Put it in the right context, and it’s fine. Throw it out there on it’s own, and it becomes one of the worst excuses for breaking up, just as cowardly as the rest of them.