Ending a relationship is never easy and most people cut all ties immediately, but don’t necessarily have to turn sour. Why let any room for bitterness and channel negative energy towards a person that was once your confidant, when you can try to maintain your friendship after breaking up. If your relationship didn’t work out, it doesn’t have to be ‘the end of the road’ for you two, you can continue as friends and maintain positive about everything that happened.

Instead of cutting off your ex and turning your head the other way the next time you bump into each other, creating a super uncomfortable situation, try to accept the situation and gain a friend instead of an ‘enemy’. Learn how you can maintain your friendship after breaking up by checking out the following tips:

Try and have a civilized conversation about what happened in your relationship and be honest. This way you’ll be able to let things go much easier and avoid a scandal that will surely not benefit any of you. You can’t force anyone or be forced into a relationship, so try to take things slowly and pass this moment without feeling guilty or bitter.

Express your feelings but don’t start blaming each other as from there your conversation is only gonna go downhill. An honest conversation will help you both come to terms with the fact that things are not working out between you, so be honest. Try to explain or understand what caused the split and end your relationship amiably. Yelling, screaming and blaming each other for things that happened in the past are pointless and will only bring negativity and stress.

Start your rebound slowly and avoid jumping head first in another relationship. Another man/woman won’t fill the void of the person you’ve just split up from, so try to determine what it is that you want and accept what happened with your ex before starting to date another man. If you still have powerful feelings for your ex, you’re only going to compare the next guy/girl to him/her and the result will surely not be the one you’re expecting as no two people are the same.

Try to keep yourself from turning your head the other way once you see your ex and be polite about things. Saying ‘hello’ will make things less uncomfortable that pretending you can’t see each other and this way you’ll be able to work your way to becoming friends again. This is a person you’ve shared plenty of good times with, so why hold a grudge against?!

If you have friends in common, let everyone know you two have ended your relationship in order to avoid uncomfortable questions and making everyone feel awkward when you gather together. If you can accept things are the way they are, you will be able to act normal and not feel embarrassed in his/her presence after you break up.

Tips for Maintaining Friendship After Breaking Up

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