Dealing with a breakup is not the easiest of jobs, however, there are certain signs that can suggest this outcome. Take a look at some of the most important signs of an impending breakup!

Signs of Breakup in Relationships: Physical or Emotional Distancing

One of the most relevant signs of breakup in relationships is physical or emotional distancing. Has your partner started to spend less time with you or avoided those couple activities you used to do together? If so, it might mean you've begun to deal with physical distancing.

Unlike physical distancing, the emotional type is somehow more subtle. It can be characterized by a lack of communication between you and your partner or by a different tone of voice. If you've started to notice these so-called symptoms, you should invite your partner for a discussion to set things straight.

Couple Distancing

Signs of a Breakup: Lack of Effort

The lack of effort in a relationship should also be included among the signs of an impending breakup. At the beginning of your connection, you probably used to take long walks in the park, you planned spontaneous getaways or surprised each other with romantic dinners. After a certain amount of time, routine started to take over your relationship. If lately you've noticed a lack of effort from his part, you should ask your boyfriend what made him act this way to know exactly where you stand.

Signs He Wants to Break Up with You: You Argue a Lot

Have you started to argue a lot recently? This might be one of the most significant signs he wants to break up with you. Of course, sometimes you can contradict over important things, but what happens when your partner starts petty fights that ultimately make you flip out? Someone who wants to leave the relationship can use these arguments as an excuse to justify their desire to move on.

Relationship Trouble

Signs He Wants to Break Up: Important Changes in His Routine

If you're searching for those signs he wants to break up, you should also take a look at this situation. Has he begun to rearrange his schedule so that he'd get to spend less time with you? He might feel the need to go out for drinks with his friends on a daily basis and this can eventually affect your relationship. This sudden change in priorities can imply that he wants to move on with his life, however, the best thing would be to tell him what's bothering you.

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