Being single on Valentine’s Day can be hard, particularly if most of your friends are celebrating the day with their partners. But you don’t have to miss out on all the fun, since there are plenty of ways to enjoy this day on your own.

Find out how to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone, whether you decide to spend the day with your single friends, or if you just decide to find something to do by yourself. Focus on the positives and you’ll have a great day even without the man of your dreams.

Pamper Yourself

Since you won’t be spending money on a present, you might as well go ahead and spend a little for yourself. A spa day can be an excellent way to pamper yourself, but you can also take a relaxing bubble bath with a good book or an album you love. Schedule a hair appointment or a manicure to look your best for yourself.

Get Some Flowers

Just because you won’t be getting any flowers doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy them. When you’re wondering how to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone, splurge on your favorite flowers. If you want to avoid the romantic vibe, avoid roses, and focus on some other beautiful and fragrant flowers that can make you feel better.

Make Plans with Single Friends

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t gather all your single friends together for a party or a brunch. Just make sure that the theme of the reunion is not any type of anti-Valentine’s Day thing. You can celebrate being single and happy without dissing the holiday. Rejecting the whole commercial side of Valentine’s Day is fine, but things can quickly turn bitter when you’re trying to make a big statement against it.

Spending Valentines Day With Friends

Focus on Fun Things

Even if you don’t want to pamper yourself at home or at a spa, one of the best answers to the question how to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone is do something fun. Whether it’s looking for the perfect vintage dress or just looking for great sales, you can always find a little comfort in retail therapy. If that’s not your thing, go see a scary movie or enjoy some quality treats.

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Take a Trip

Whether you’re visiting a museum or a tourist destination that’s not too far away, a day trip might be the best way to keep you focused on something else than being alone on Valentine’s Day. Find a destination and enjoy a nice trip either by yourself or with a few single friends who are also looking for something fun to do.

Complete a Project

If going out just reminds you about the holiday, then the best way to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone is to focus on a project that you’ve been putting off. Whether it’s organizing your shoe collection or looking online for new career opportunities, set a reasonable goal that you can reach by the end of the day, and you’ll feel a lot better.

Indulge in Dark Chocolate

You can easily eat too much if you start munching on milk chocolate, but dark varieties, with over 70% cocoa, are an excellent way to enjoy a great treat without going too far. Look for quality over quantity and relax while you savor a delicious chocolate that’s actually good for you.

Alone On Valetines Day Eat All The Chocolate

Offer Your Services as a Babysitter

Help a couple of friends or family members enjoy a nice evening by offering to babysit their child. They’ll be very grateful and you’ll find a fun way to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone by actually connecting to a child who cares as much about the holiday as you.

Focus on the Positives

Even if you’re single and alone on Valentine’s Day, you can still find plenty of things to be grateful for. You should consider writing a few thoughts down in a gratitude journal. Once you start acknowledging the positives in your life, you’ll realize it’s not such a big deal. You’ll also be able to take in the big picture and go forward with a better attitude.


When you can’t find any way to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone, help out some strangers and you’ll feel a lot better. Whether it’s a soup chicken or a nursing home, there are many who have it a lot worse on this day, and they’d appreciate a little company and support. This simple reality check will make you realize that Valentine’s Day isn’t really that important.