Breakup or divorce are tough, heart-wrenching experiences that can leave deep wounds into one’s soul. However, it is essential to be aware of the fact that these wounds can be healed. Even though the recovering process might take some time, it is indeed possible to move on. Therefore, stop thinking how badly you’ve been hurt and be determined and courageous! Stay away from harmful ways and discover 5 healthy steps to help you heal your broken heart and start living again.

Cry and share

Crying is one of the best ways to start the healing process. Tears can clear and clean your mind and soul. Therefore, don’t be ashamed or afraid to cry! Leave those raw emotions out and you’ll fell more liberated and calm. Also, you shouldn’t hesitate to talk to someone about all those things you feel. Sharing can be extremely helpful, while isolation can be destructive. Search for help as you don’t have to go through this period all by yourself. Talk with your family, a friend, a teacher, or counselor.


This is probably one of the most difficult phases after a breakup. Lost, empty and confused, you’ll start denying the facts and refuse to accept the reality. Some of us tend to get stuck with the idea that there is still a chance of getting back together and things will be fine again. Unfortunately, breakups are sometimes permanent. Accept this life-changing moment, otherwise you’ll only find yourself trapped into an endless circle of conflicting emotions.

Review, understand, forgive

After a period of crying and grieving, it’s time to begin reasoning. Take a step back and look at the big picture. Don’t blame yourself or your ex. In order to move on, you should be honest and clearly understand what happened and the reasons of the breakup. You’ll probably realize that your relationship wasn’t working at all and that breaking up was a good decision. Then, forgive yourself and your ex. This can set you free and help you set new goals and dreams.

Create distance and box up the past

A broken heart finds it rather hard to let go and hopes that the ex will finally come back. No longer spending time with the one you love might be hard, yet it is important to create distance if you want to recover. Destroying the things that remind you of your ex might be too much, yet try to box them up and put them away. Remember that watching his photo or wearing his tee can be painful and not at all helpful.

Learn to live again

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start leaving again! Do activities you love, take good care of yourself and get motivated. Have fun, find a new hobby, spend time with people who support and energize you, keep yourself busy, cultivate new friendships. Still, don’t neglect your health, since a breakup can be stressful. Eat well, exercise and avoid unhealthy ways to cope with pain. You can also consider writing down your thoughts. Journaling might help you relax and confront pain and anger.

5 Steps to Recover from a Breakup

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