This week, you know what you want and you set your priorities straight. Mercury in Leo brings stimulation to your mind, however it will also bring uncertainty. Neptune might make you a little idealistic when it comes to relationships. You should however rest grounded in order to avoid disappointments.

Virgo September 23-29, 2013 Love Horoscope: Retrograde Neptune will make you take on some uncommon activities that will stimulate your creativity. You feel confident in your strengths and you show it. That’s great!

Virgo September 23-29, 2013 Career Horoscope: This week favors communication, so you should pay attention to dialogue and different suggestions. Also, your great power of conviction will bring a long waited success in your career.

Virgo September 23-29, 2013 Health Horoscope: You are very energetic and full of initiative. This the perfect time to start on a new diet of a work out program. However, you should not forget to get some rest. Pay also attention when handling dangerous objects.