This week your agenda will be full and you can’t seem to say no to your friends. They enjoy your company and prove out being amazing confidants. Lucky you!

You might feel somehow dissatisfied with the way things are showing up which will determine you to make a change. And you may begin this new process this week.

Sagittarius October 14-20, 2013 Love Horoscope: You’ll discuss with your partner about your need for change and you’ll receive his 100% support. You communicate great and both of you will invest a lot in this relationship because you consider it your priority.

Sagittarius October 14-20, 2013 Career Horoscope: This week you’ll receive a new and advantageous partnership proposition. It’s a good opportunity especially because you wanted to change your work place and learn something new.

Sagittarius October 14-20, 2013 Health Horoscope: Your partner will plan a romantic getaway for the weekend. Just take advantage of it, forget about your work and focus only on relaxing and sleeping. Nothing’s better than recharging batteries after a long week at work.