Updo hairstyles tend to be associated with formal events when investing a higher effort in our appearance is usually required. However, with time women have broadened their perspective and updo hairstyles have been adapted to suit a variety of occasions and hair lengths or hair textures, increasing the versatility of this hairstyle tremendously. With the myriad possibilities that exist nowadays any woman can find at least one style that will suit her needs. Depending on the impression that needs to be created, an updo hairstyle can be classical and refined, romantic and feminine, messy and playful or even daring and edgy and everything in between.

If not long ago complex, classic updo hairstyles were a standard that everyone tried to follow, now when the natural imperfect look has changed the way we look at a hairstyle and at beauty in general many women are directing their attention towards finding hairstyles that give the impression of effortless elegance and that are not necessarily subjected to strict rules when it comes to styling.

Loose updos are gaining more and more popularity as romantic wedding hairstyles precisely because of the fact that they allow boundless creativity, increasing the chances of finding a hairstyle that is unique and original.

Creating a loose updo hairstyle can be done in a variety of ways using different styling techniques. Playing with the angles and with the hair texture can deliver spectacular results without having to turn to complicated styling techniques to get what you want. Don’t worry about having everything turn out just right. As it was previously mentioned, a little disorganization is a good thing especially when it comes to these types of hairstyles.

Wavy updos are a common choice for weddings as they tend to provide the perfect equilibrium between the elegance that this type of event calls for, the romantic look that tends to be preferred for occasions like this one as well as the versatility of loose updos.

The way you create a wavy hairstyle is entirely up to you. Depending on the length of the hair you might prefer a piled up updo whereas if your tresses don’t allow you to choose this option, you might have to find creative ways to make a low bun hairstyle stand out and look simple yet glamorous. Side swept hairstyles also offer enough advantages aside from the esthetically obvious ones. When choosing a side swept updo hairstyle you actually have the power to control what the focus points will be. Depending on the height and the placement of the updo you can draw attention to certain focal points while directing the attention from others.

If you place the side swept updo higher, it will draw attention to features such as the eyes or forehead whereas if you place it lower, it can emphasize a beautiful cheekbone structure or the lips. Therefore, playing with the height of the updo can help you achieve different advantages you must be aware of for best results.

If the style appears to be a little simplistic, you can instantly add a touch of refinement with the help of hair accessories. For a more dramatic effect you can choose a big dramatic hair accessory that will become a focal point whereas if you want to maintain the relaxed touch that a loose updo provides, you can choose a series of subtle, discreet accessories that will give this hairstyle a playful touch without making it look too casual.