A wedding hairstyle is as important as the dress, accessories or shoes, as it can make the bride look amazing or it can simply throw into shade the beauty and grace of the bride. It’s already known that the hairstyle must be chosen according to the shape of your face, hair texture and wedding dress.

Simple updo

A simple, chic updo is a perfect hairstyle that works for every face shape, but only for women with long hair. For a unique look, combine a low updo with braids. Even if separately these two hairstyles are very popular, together they make a special look, very elegant and a bit sober. If you want to lengthen your face, use a pair of long chandelier earrings, or if you are rather into a more natural look, give up the earrings and try a big, colorful flower. This hairstyle is appropriate even if you decided to wear a veil.

1920s inspired hairstyle

This French hairstyle, inspired by the ’20s trends, can be the perfect choice for a bride with medium-length hair who is looking for a sexy, yet refined appearance. It’s a perfect hairstyle that works great for all women, regardless their face shape. Also, it is easy to make, all you need to do is curl the ends of your hair. The parting can be on the middle, but also on the side. Be bold and use headbands, fillets or oversized flowers. For a more special and interesting effect, if you have an open back dress, opt for a pearl necklace and leave it falling on the back.

Sculpted Wedding Updo 20s Inspired Wedding Hairstyle Long Wavy Wedding Hair Long Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Soft waves

If you have a long, bright hair and if you are looking for a sexy appearance on your wedding day, soft waves with volume and well-defined locks are the best option. You can choose tiaras that can transform you into a real princess, but only if your dress matches this type of accessories. This is a hairstyle that works great on women with oval and square faces, as side locks will only emphasize their traits. As for the makeup, opt for smokey eyes and transparent lip gloss.

Curly hair

Curly hair can sometimes be hard to style, but the best thing to do is to let it loose. Try defining the curls using styling products for curly hair and use your fingers to finish the hairdo. The effect can be surprising. Regardless your face shape, this is an elegant and natural look, that’s why you have the possibility to use different accessories. Tiaras, natural flowers, flower tiaras and oversized hair pins.

Afro Curly Bridal Hair Curly Bob for Wedding Hairstyle

Bob hairstyle

A bob hairstyle works for brides with oval faces, as well as for those with round and square faces. As hair is longer on one side of the head and the locks cover the other side of the face, this type of hairstyle gives the illusion of a longer face and that’s why it can be successfully adopted by women with other face shapes than oval. It’s an easy and quick hairstyle and it needs accessories such as chandelier earrings.

Messy look

This hairstyle works for both long and short hair. For a long hair, you can make a chic updo with accessories, while for a short hair you need to brush up your curls using hair mousse for a messier, tousled look. You can opt for a hair accessory even if you have short hair. This hairstyle works great for women having a heart-shaped or oval face.

Wedding Easy Messy Updo 60s Teased Updo Hairstyle