Updos don’t have be so fussy and formal all the time. In fact, the most modern ones are messy and unstructured. For a casual night out, sweep locks back, twist the tail around a few times, then secure with pins at the crown. Bangs dip forward while a sexy spray of hair escapes through the top. The style of the updo is your choice; you can make your fab up styled hair look casual or you can infuse a higher dose of elegance into it by opting for sophisticated twists that create the most elegant chignons.

Chic braids and sleek interwoven strands of hair are the surest ways to an elegant evening updo. Unfortunately, these are the styles that require the touch of a professional, so styling them in the comfort of your home, without any costs is basically impossible, unless you’ve got the skills to work with your own hair. Updos that are styled low, at the nape of the neck or sideways, have a classic allure while the big ballerina inspired updos styled up and centered have a more contemporary vibe, so choose the hair style according to your outfit and personality.


Now, if simplicity is your aim, the ponytail or the twisted updo are perfect choices. Ponytails and updos have recently taken a side route. It’s all part of the ’80s fashion revival, but the looks are far less starchy and sprayed than they were back then. Set locks on hot rollers, pull into a high ponytail with an elastic, then pin around the base and spray.

Ponytails are supposed to be fun, so don’t worry if every strand’s not in place. Pull locks up to the top of your crown and wrap with a coated elastic, then use a large curling iron to add some big bends through the back.

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The milkmaid braid is also a chic updo that’s uber-popular among fashionistas, so if you’re willing to make a bohemian style statement this is the perfect hairstyle option for you. There are various ways to style a milkmaid braid and you can even turn towards hair extensions if you don’t have the necessary length to work with your hair. Plus, you don’t have to strive for a super-sleek hairstyle, as loose strands give the updo more character and a more rebellious allure, so don’t be afraid to play with your gorgeous hair.