Short hairstyles exude confidence and sex appeal being edgy and modern as well as highly practical. Short hair styles are generally chosen by women who are strong and decisive and who are not afraid to break the patterns by making bold choices in all the areas of life.

While in the past it might have been true that short hairstyles offer limited options when it comes to styling, now, with the development of modern styling techniques this preconception is slowly starting to fade away and women are starting to open up and become more aware of the new possibilities they have. As women begin to gain courage and to experiment with different styles the areas of interest start to widen.

For formal occasions such as weddings a special attention must be placed on finding the most suitable techniques that can help you emphasize your best features. The style chosen should represent your personality and should make you feel comfortable and confident. Although it might be tempting, it’s generally best to avoid choosing a style that is completely different from what you are used to, because it can determine you to feel unsure about your choice. Ultimately, the goal is create a style that is a little more that you are used to in terms of sophistication but that is still well within your comfort zone.

One of the easiest ways to create a festive, romantic look on a future bride with short tresses is to create a few luscious curls. A few soft waves or curls will instantly liven up a dull hairstyle by adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Depending on the styling technique used the hairstyle can have an incredibly modern allure or, on the contrary it can be a vivid representation of the glamorous vintage hairstyles that have set completely new standards by which short tresses are being judged.

On the other hand, straight hairstyles be equally wonderful for those who are not particularly attracted by curly hairstyles. Perfectly straight tresses can be very seductive and wonderful when they are styled with a little creativity. The style of the hair cut will definitely influence the final outcome but other criteria might play an important part as well. If, for example the dress is a very modern one that you may try a variety of edgy hairstyles without any problems. On the other hand if the dress is more classical you might need to adjust your searches to more conventional short hair styles.

If you are not attracted to conventional, classical short hairstyles but you are not so found of very edgy hairstyles either you should find a hairstyle that is some sort of a compromise between the two. A good example would be a slightly messy hairstyle that would not be very extreme yet it would not be as strict when it comes to styling as a traditional bridal style would be.

Hair accessories play an important part in defining a short bridal hairstyle. Even the simplest hairstyles can look absolutely amazing with the right hair accessories. You can achieve a glamorous look by choosing a big and dramatic hair accessory or you can choose multiple smaller hair accessories that will enable you to get a more playful look.