The fabulous glossy locks of the bride-to-be inspired millions to adopt a well-defined hair care routine. Dailymail claims that ladies raided the stores for the newest formulas to have a similar shiny hair as the strands of Kate Middleton. Not only the clothing of the future princess keeps people on their toes, but they want to find out more also about her wedding hairstyle. The latest news reveals that Kate will sport a mesmerizing downdo for the glamorous event.

Hair fans will have the chance to spot her super-glossy formal look on April 29 at the lofty ceremony of the royal wedding. Kate is undoubtedly one of the most natural and beloved celebs in Britain. Flaunting her fabulous silhouette complemented with her simply sculpted half-updos contributed to her new generation style icon title. A no-fuss look proves to be the secret ingredient to shrink the distance between her and her fans. Girls of all ages have chosen her their ultimate idol.

Kate Middleton can be often spotted wearing her locks down and enhanced with a few dropped curls. There are no super-complex buns or French twists in her hair styling repertoire. Instead, she is eager to sport a comfy and easy-to-handle style that saves her of any beauty blunders.

Kate’s hairdresser, Richard Ward, confirmed that the tresses of the young bride will “100 per cent be down and flowy”. The beloved hair stylist also claimed that, “Every bride’s hair on their wedding day should reflect their look throughout the year. Kate’s such a natural girl, so no stuffy up-dos for her.”(

The same hairdresser will be responsible for the sculpting of the fab wedding guest do of Kate’s mother, Carole as well as that of her sister’s, Pippa. Due to the huge craze these glamorous hairstyles will launch all throughout the country, the prices will definitely get higher at this chic beauty salon.

Famous of her natural and minimalist look, Kate Middleton will have the chance to flash her radiating beauty with a chic wedding downdo. We’re expecting dropped and super-suave curls that can further boost the volume and the refinement of her strands.

Image courtesy of Getty Images