Once you have decided upon the dress, you need to look for the perfect hairstyle. Even though naturalness is the best choice, you should think twice as this is one of the most important days of your life. You need to try different hairstyles before you find the perfect one. Therefore, everything should be done in time. Talk to your stylist and ask for advice. Only this way you’ll be able to see what flatters you the most.


As we have seen before, summer 2010 hairstyle trends mean top knots, braids and slicked hair. If you want to be totally trendy on the big day, make sure that the hairstyle you choose totally flatters you. Braids represent the hottest trend and they are actually very practical as they stay in place all day. You should ask your stylist and together find the perfect look to flatter you. Moreover, braided hairstyles are versatile and allow so many variations from simple, single braids to more complicated styles that can be twisted with different bridal jewelry.

As wedding doesn’t necessarily mean elaborated and studied hairstyles in order to look beautiful, you can choose something more comfortable, such as soft waves. Create voluminous, loose curls and accessorize everything with a tiara. You’ll look stunning. If you have shorter hair, you can go for a slicked retro hairstyle, which works amazing even on longer hair.

Birdcage veils

Birdcage veils are a modern and sophisticated alternative to the classic bride veil. They work for different hairstyles and gowns. If the birdcage veil covers a part of your face, don’t be afraid to emphasize your makeup so it doesn’t pass unnoticed. This is also a perfect option for brides who love a vintage, yet edgy style. Back in the ’30s and ’40s this type of veil was very popular. Nowadays, not to many brides choose a birdcage veil, preferring the traditional, longer one. Still, the birdcage veil remains a refined and elegant accessory that can transform you into a mysterious bride.

The biggest advantage of the birdcage veil is its versatility and that it flatters everyone regardless the type of dress. It is very classy and chic. There are three main types of birdcage veil: the French, the Russian and the English one. The difference stands in the netting. The French one is smaller, the Russian is medium, while the English one is larger. The length of the veil can vary too, from smaller one that covers only the forehead to medium length, at nose or mouth level, or longer one that covers the chin.

Precious hair accessories

These are an amazing choice for modern, romantic brides. They are ideal for updos, but also for loose hair and glamorous soft waves. From simple precious flowers to a princess tiara, you have so many options when it comes to wedding hair accessories. If you go for a hairpin or tiara, pay a lot of attention to the rest of your jewelry. Choose small earrings and avoid wearing a necklace, going instead for a ring or a bracelet. Precious hairpins or hair combs can be the perfect allies for a simple hairstyle, even a short one, and they will certainly add a glamorous, boho touch to the bride. Make a chic bun and accessorize it with a sophisticated hairpin. On the other hand, if you are more the non-conformist type, you can replace the veil or other hair accessories with a satin headband. This way you’ll combine naturalness and simplicity in the most beautiful way.

Different hair adornments work perfectly for independent brides who want to add a fun and original touch to their look. You can choose crochet, tulle, feathers or flowers, there is a special and unique piece for everyone. You just need to be bold and have the right attitude. Nevertheless, make sure that you don’t choose a too bright accessory as this might outshine the dress. Pick a classic bun and add a romantic feeling using flowers or feathers. You’ll be elegant and non-conformist. Also, a pearl headband on soft, gentle waves work amazing for a romantic, breezy dress.