Formal events have always been all about elegance, glamor and classicism. Appropriate hairstyles, make-up and clothing are a must for formal events, so find out how you can choose the most appropriate formal hairstyle for you.

Formal occasions are not all about formal attire, they are also about formal appearance which includes hairstyle and make-up. Formal hairstyles are necessary to complete the look of an outfit and create a very sophisticated look, appropriate for the occasion. There is a variety of ways one can style hair, but that only means that the chances of choosing an inappropriate hairstyle for the occasion are higher.

Choosing the right hairstyle for the occasion depends on the hair length as well as hair type, but thanks to the cosmetic industry hair styling has become much easier, increasing the styling possibilities.
Hairstyles can absolutely change the appearance of a person, so it is very important to choose your hairstyle to your advantage. To ensure you make the right choice for the formal event you are participating we have prepared a few classic and popular formal hairstyle ideas.

For long hairstyles
Long hairstyles can be styled in a variety of ways. Formal hairstyles can be created through loose straight or curly hairstyles, half up/half down hairstyles, ponytail hairstyles and updos.
One of the greatest sources of inspiration for your formal look are celebrity hairstyles. Celebrities turn to the best hairstylists when it comes to formal events, and this is a great source of inspiration. A classical approach to formal hairstyles would be the classic updo hairstyle, while the more modern version of formal hairstyles is represented by the loose curl long hairstyle.

formal long hairstyle formal hairstyle

For medium hairstyles
Medium hairstyles are versatile hairstyles as well. For formal wear medium hairstyles can be styled loose curly or straight, pulled up into a classic bun or updo. Many celebrities have opted for medium hairstyles because of their versatility and low maintenance level. Red carpet events can offer you a better view of medium hairstyle types. Curly loose hairstyles represent a great option for medium hair as well as the classic bun hairstyles created on curly as well as straight hair.

Medium curly hair medium formal hairstyle

For short hairstyles
Short hairstyles can be styled differently for formal occasions, it all depends on the short hair's length. Straight simple hairstyles with hair accessories can create a lovely look for women with short hairstyles. So many celebrities decided to go short this year, it's unbelievable. Short hairstyles are hot and easy to style, so no wonder they are so popular.

formal short short hair

Don't hesitate to experiment and try new hairstyles because only this way you will be able to fully discover the best formal hairstyles for you.