Being a bridesmaid it means that you will play an important role in the entire wedding as a support for your friend, the bride. As a bridesmaid your looks and appearance must be neat and pretty but mustn’t steal the show. This is why it is important to choose the right bridesmaids hairstyle.

The hairstyle usually chosen by a bridesmaid has to be simple, elegant and classic, far from extravagant in order for the bride to be the center of attention, after all it is her wedding day. There are a variety of choices bridesmaids have when it comes to bridesmaid hairstyles, depending on hair length, hair type and preference.

The best way to decide on a hairstyle is by discussing hairstyle ideas with your hairstylist first. They will be able to recommend a hairstyle which would enhance and suite your hair and facial features.

Plan ahead and get your hair done to see how you would look, how your hair will hold, so you can be prepared and make the necessary changes ahead of time.

Bridesmaids Hairstyles IdeasCuly Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

For bridesmaids with short hair the styling possibilities are not reduced. You can opt for a variety of styles even if the hair is cut short. Depending on how short the hair is cut you can opt for a short curly hairstyle, a short straight hairstyle.

If however you do have about 3 inches long hair you can decide on a vintage finger waved hairstyle, because they are elegant, classic and elegant at the same time. You can accessorize your hair subtly with a piece of hair jewelry or a cute hair band.

Bridesmaids Half Up Half Down HairstyleBridesmaids Hairstyles and Updos

For medium hair the styling opportunities slightly increase, allowing you to be a little bit more creative. You can go for simple straight, wavy or curly hairstyles. You can opt for a half up/half down hairstyle or create a classic bun or loose updo hairstyle. Hair accessories can upgrade your hairstyle if you decide to wear it simple.

Long hairstyles are the most versatile hairstyles of all three types, but they are also the highest maintenance. For long bridesmaid hairstyles you can choose different styles depending on your preference. It is recommended to wear simple yet elegant hairstyles like a classic ballerina bun or chignon hairstyle. You can also go for a French twist hairstyle performed on wavy or straight hair.

You ca choose a half up/half down hairstyle. For a more simple look wear your hair loose straight or loose curly because they are very stylish and popular hairstyles. Accessorize your hair with a small head band or hair jewelry to add a little bit of twist to your hair.

Photos by Tom Carson