Wedding hair styles are considered some of the most challenging and complex dos on the market as the creation of these more than often needs the assistance of a pro hair stylist. However, what the bride-to-bes can do even months before the BIG day is to choose the perfect style that would flatter their face shape and hair length and also would suit the theme of the wedding.

Bohemian as well as more sculpted and relaxed Romantic designs offer us the chance to pair the best updo or half updo with our personality and preferences. Take a glimpse at the 2010 Fall bridal hair style trends and draw some inspiration from the looks below to copycat or combine them and pull off a fairy-tale look to charm your guests and obviously the groom.

Classy Updos

Are you looking for a classy updo that would still dress up your appearance and suit the ceremonial atmosphere of your wedding? Then wedding buns as well as twists were made to please your needs. These old-school and old time Hollywood inspired hair styles will take you to a familiar field of hair styling as these won’t require a similar effort or time to create them.

Still, ask the help of your professional hair stylist as he/she can provide you with the best tricks to preserve the spotless look of your do all throughout the various phases of the wedding. Combine stylish buns and side buns with additional hair accessories as braids as these further boost the dimension and A-list look of your tresses. Bring out the best of your features by juggling with volume, hair part and the curly or super-sleek texture of your strands.

Sculpted Uptown Updos

Some might not be totally pleased with the simple and easy-to-create wedding hair styles. In this case why not take a peek at the sculpted uptown updos that furnish you with endless ideas to ask for a more complex and well-defined hair style for your special day. Besides following the well-known patterns of buns and chignons, these high and perked up hair styles also appeal to stylish hair accessories as fresh flowers and barrettes, tiaras and hair combs. These all further increase the ‘va-va-voom’ effect of your look. Impress the guests and the groom by sporting a similar architectural bridal hairdo. Don’t forget to book for a stylish hair dressing session beforehand as these hair styles require pro skills and more time to look spotless and enchanting.

Stylish Bridal Half-Updos

Brides who long for a feminine and at the same time charming hairdo can opt for the chic and oh-so-fab bridal half-updos. These hair styles help you take advantage of your hair length and texture. Pick this hair style alternative even if you have shorter or medium-long hair as these suit all face shapes and hair types from curly to straight. Tie your locks into a stylish bun or pin them to the head in a more Bohemian style in order to juggle with the texture and volume of the locks. Enhance the beauty of your do with additional details as flowers, tiaras, headbands and barrettes as the perfect means to turn these natural looking styles into formal and more importantly bridal half updo hair styles.