The 7 strand braid is one of the most intricate, yet spectacular braiding techniques you can master. Follow this hair braiding tutorial to find out how exactly you can create a 7 strand braid on your own hair! 

One of Katniss Everdeen’s braided hairstyles from the second Hunger Games movie has been created with seven strand braiding. We’ve already seen how to do Katniss’ Everdeen’s bridal hairstyle, now it’s time to recreate her hairdo from the Capitol party, which features a wide and flat 7 strand braid placed across the forehead, secured down the side and paired with long textured waves. 

The tools and accessories you need for this braid are a comb, hair styling wax (optional), a few clear rubber hair bands, bobby pins and an extra pair of hands (at least on your first try)!

How to Start a 7 Strand Braid

How To Do 7 Strand Braids

Begin by sectioning the crown from the back going horizontally from temple to temple.

Apply a small amount of wax with your fingers to make your locks more manageable. Divide the top section into two with more hair on right side. Ask your fried to hold the left section or just clip it out the way.

Split the right section into four equal pieces. Start braiding by passing the first strand over the second one, under the third and over the fourth strand.

Seven Strand Braiding StepsSeven Strand Braid Steps

Go back to the left section, bring it over the right side and divide it into three strands. Continue braiding by bringing the first strand over the second one, under the third and over the fourth one which is the first strand of your previous braid. 

Seven Strand Braid PhotosSteps For Seven Strand BraidFinished 7 Strand BraidContinue these moves, starting each row with the first strand passing it under then over the next one. After you finish braiding, bring it down the forehead and secure with bobby pins.

Katniss Everdeen Capitol Braid Hairstyle

Finish by doing a simple three strand braid at the back.  

Katniss Everdeen’s Capitol Party Hairstyle

Hairstyle With 7 Strand BraidKatniss Everdeen Braided Updo HairstyleThe Hunger Games Braided Hairstyles

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