Braids have been a huge trend for several seasons now and there are literally a plethora of braiding techniques out there. You could even go for a different braided hairstyle for each day of the year, without repeating a look twice. 

If you already got the hang of waterfall braiding, here’s a step by step tutorial on how to take it to the next level. If you’re struggling with anything that’s more complicated than simple three-strand braiding, this modified waterfall braid tutorial is a good excuse to keep practicing!  All you need is long hair, a hair clip and some elastics. 

Modified Waterfall Braid Step by Step

Start by creating a classic waterfall braid.

Modified Waterfall Braid Step 1Modified Waterfall Braid Step 2

First, grab a strand from the front and divide it into three equal sections.

Place the top strand over the middle strand, then the bottom strand down the center of the braid.  Each time you get to the top strand, pick up some hair and add it to the braid.

Modified Waterfall Braid Step 3Modified Waterfall Braid Step 4

When you get to the bottom strand, release it and add a new piece of hair from underneath. Repeat at least five times and secure the braid with a hair clip.

Modified Waterfall Braid Step 5Modified Waterfall Braid Step 6Modified Waterfall Braid Step 7Modified Waterfall Braid Step 8

Take the released strands and create small braids using the three strand technique.

Modified Waterfall Braid Step 9Modified Waterfall Braid Step 10Modified Waterfall Braid Step 11

Remove the hair clip and start a simple three strand braid by also adding the first small braid.

Add the second released small braid to next right strand and so on.

Finished Modified Waterfall Braid HairstyleModified Waterfall Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

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