Find out how to copy Kelly Osbourne’s braided hairstyle with studded accents! Add cool rock chick spikes to your braids for the ultimate fashion statement!

Start by parting hair down the middle and begin a Dutch braid on the side. Split hair into three equal sections, place the right-hand strand under the center one, then repeat the pattern on the left side, going under the center strand.

Continue by crossing the right strand under the center, then pick up a small section of hair and add it to the braid. Repeat on the left side and continue until you run out of hair to add. Finish with a regular Dutch braid and secure at the end.

Make another braid on the other side of the head.

Go back to the first braid, cross it over the left side forming a circle and secure with several bobby pins. Repeat with the other braid and tuck ends under.

Kelly Osbourne Braided Updo Tutorial: Dutch Braids

Starting A Dutch BraidDouble Dutch Braid For Braided Updo Braided Updo Tutorial Steps

To copy Kelly’s hairstyle to a T, accent the braids with studded hair accessories. Get two cheap studded headbands and cut them in half. Place the halves down the sides of the braids and secure with hair pins.

Kelly Osbourne Braided Updo Tutorial: DIY Studded Hair Accessories

Studded Hair Accessory Headband

Kelly Osbourne Braided Updo Tutorial: Finished Look

Kelly Osbourne Braided Updo Back ViewKelly Osbourne Braided Updo TutorialKelly Osbourne Braided Updo Side ViewKelly Osbourne Braided Updo Tutorial Finished Hairstyle

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