What better way to perk up Rapunzel locks than the latest oh-so-cool braids? Up your braiding game and earn serious style points by adding this eye-catching detail to your everyday looks and take your braiding skills to a whole new level with this interesting braid over braid technique. 

Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to do a braid on braid hairstyle!

Start by brushing tangles out and sweep hair over to one side.

Section lengths into two with the left one twice as thick as the section from the right.

Take the thicker left section and divide into three. Start an inverted braid by crossing the right strand, then the left strand under the center strand.

Starting The Braid Over Braid HairstyleBraid Over Braid Hairstyle Instructions

Each time you get to the strand on the right, pull out a thin section and leave it out the braid. Continue the pattern until you reach the ends and tie off the braid with an elastic.

Go back to the other section, divide into three and start braiding hair over the other braid with the same inverted technique.

Join the two braids by adding the thin sections you’ve left out from the previous braid.

Once you run out of hair, secure your double braid at the ends.

Braid Over Braid InstructionsBraid Over Braid CloseupBraid Over Braid Ponytail Finished Hairstyle

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