Find out how you can recreate this intricate hairstyle using the bow braiding technique. Bows can be made on all braids, but we will use 4-strand braiding which delivers an eye-catching 3D effect!

How to Do a 4-Strand Braid

Brush out and section off hair picking up a thick strand, about one third of the entire hair.

Divide the section into four equal parts and start braiding.

Place a strand from the left side under the two middle strands and above the second one. Then take the first hair strand from the right hand side, under the new middle strands and above the right one.

Repeat these moves until you reach the ends and secure with an elastic.

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How to Do the Bow Braid

Take a hair pin and stretch it out. Slip the hair pin under the first knot of your braid.

Then grab a thin section of hair alongside your braid, circle it around your finger and thread it through the hair pin.

Pull the loop gently while tugging the hair pin through the braid to form the other half of the bow. Make sure to pull the hair strand carefully so that both sides of the bow are symmetrical.

Create as many bows as you wish, then finish by securing the end with an elastic.  

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Finished Bow Braid Hairstyle

Finished Bow Braid

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