Helping your hair get ready for the next day with a nighttime hairstyle is a great way to get the texture you want and protect it from frizz or tangling. Discover how to set your hair and prepare it for your morning styling while you get your beauty sleep.

Check out the best hairstyles to sleep in from the simple bun to more complex hairstyles, each with their different benefits for your tresses. If you take a little time to care for your hair before you go to sleep, you’ll enjoy gorgeous hair the next day.

The Loose Bun

One way of protecting your hair from frizz and tangling is the classic loose bun. You can apply any product you want before letting your hair rest, from leave-in moisturizers to frizz taming lotions, and this simple trick will work even better. After brushing your hair, gather it as you would for a high ponytail, then secure the ends in a loose bun shape.

The Plait

Get a wavy texture with one of the best hairstyles to sleep in, the simple plait. If you have trouble with tangling, then a simple plait at the back of your head is an excellent way to prevent it, while also getting a few loose waves (if your natural hair texture is straight). Brushing your hair in the morning can also reduce the wavy texture if you don’t like the results.

Overnight Hair Braid For Waves

The Braids

When the beachy waves are exactly the look you’re going for, then you need more than a single plait. The best way to get the beachy look is to part your hair into multiple sections, usually 4 or 5, and braiding each one. If your braids are super tight, you might end up with a more crimped hair effect, so make them loose and use a little hairspray in the morning before unraveling them.

The Simple Curls

If you’re looking to enhance your natural curls, one of the best hairstyles to sleep in helps you achieve the perfect look, with the help of a little texturizing cream. Curl sections loosely around your fingers, then set each one with a bobby pin. It’s better to leave about 2 inches from the root uncurled, so you don’t experience any unwanted tension and pulling while you sleep.

Overnight Curls With Bobby Pins

The Rolled Up Curls

When you want to achieve curls, but your natural hair texture is wavy at best, foam rollers are the way to go. Set your curls before going to sleep with foam rollers and you’ll get the curls you want without having to expose your hair to the damaging heat of a curling iron. Of course, you should also use a night cap over your rolled up curls.

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The DIY Curls

Getting DIY curls without any help from bobby pins or foam rollers can also help you achieve one of the best hairstyles to sleep in. You’ll need to rip a few paper towels in 1-inch wide pieces, then simply roll sections of your hair around them, from the ends to the roots. Once you’ve reached your scalp, tie the ends of the paper towel piece together.

Top Knot Overnight For Texture

The Twisted Top Knot

Another simple way of adding a little texture to your hair, while keeping it free of frizz and tangling is to use a twisted top knot. Make a high ponytail, then twist it around itself to from the top knot. Secure with a soft fabric scrunchie. You can also give it a light hairspray mist in the morning before your let your hair down.

The Headband Waves

If you’re a heavy sleeper and a headband won’t be uncomfortable during the night, this is definitely one of the best hairstyles to sleep in, and it also adds beachy waves to your look. You simply need a stretchy headband. Put it on your head, the start taking 2 inch sections of your hair, lifting them up, looping them toward your face and securing them under the headband.

Overnight Ponytail For Tangle Free Hair

The High Ponytail

When your only concern is to avoid your tresses from getting tangled while you sleep, simply go for a high ponytail. Secure it with a soft scrunchie and you’re set for the night.

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The Wrap Up

After choosing the best hairstyles to sleep in for your hair texture and desired results, you should also remember that friction against a cotton pillowcase can create frizz. You can avoid that by sleeping on a satin pillowcase or simply wrapping your hair in a scarf or night cap before going to bed.