Living in a modern world in which time is precious is not easy, this is why most women are leaning towards wash and go hairstyles; hairstyles which will enhance beauty and style without having to spend too much time in the mirror.

Wash and go hairstyles are perfect for women with a busy schedule, women who realize the importance of hair styles. Paying attention to hair styling and hair care is a must if you wish to look and feel fabulous as the right hairstyle and haircut can enhance your natural beauty by emphasizing your best facial features. Because choosing the right haircut is not easy, as face shape and hair type are determining factors of your choice, we have selected some of the hottest and most feminine wash and go hairstyles and haircuts from which you can inspire yourself.

Short hairstyles definitely fall into the wash and go hairstyles category as the hair’s short length allows the hair to be styled in minutes. There are a variety of wash and go short hairstyles that exude femininity and style to choose from but some of the hottest ones are pixie haircuts, asymmetrical short hairstyles as well as short hairstyles with bangs.

pixie haircut choppy pixie

Sexy short hairstyles are perfect for women with straight or wavy hair and very feminine facial features. The pixie haircut is one of the most popular short hairstyles due to its sexiness and style and a variety of celebrities have selected pixie haircuts due to their style and low maintenance level. Choppy layers help give the pixie cut more texture and a subtle messy look, a look that is quite popular especially during this summer season.

asymmetrical short haircut asymmetrical short hairstyle

Asymmetric short hairstyles can help you create a punk inspired look that exudes style and confidence as they are a magnet when it comes to attraction. Cutting the hair short on one side and then allowing the hair to get progressively longer while crossing to the other side of the head creates a powerful effect which suits women with powerful personalities who exude confidence. Choosing a glossy hair color can help enhance the cut, so choose a hair color that suits your skin tone and personality best. Women with straight hair can choose this type of haircut so that the hair receives a stylish, easy to maintain look.

short bangs hairstyle bangs

Short hairstyles with bangs look fabulous and allow women to be a bit more versatile with their hair. Side swept bangs help soften the facial features and enhance femininity. The bangs can be allowed to fall straight or can be flipped over for a more nonconformist look. Sleek straight hair works best with this type of cut so the hair can receive the right posture and low maintenance style.

Make sure short hairstyles suit your face shape before going ahead and getting a haircut as not everyone can pull off short hair!