It seems that these times require a little bit of restraining from everything, and the more versatile one product is, the better. It seems that this applies to hairstyles as well. A versatile haircut can save money and offer numerous styling opportunities. Styling your hair differently as often as possible can only come to your advantage as different hairstyles can make you appear different and gorgeous every day without entering a routine. It is best to avoid entering a routine when it comes to your hairstyle because that way your hairstyle will not appear as glamorous as it would appear if styled as you most prefer every few days.

Versatile haircuts seem to become more and more popular among women; celebrities like Rihanna can be considered hairstyle icons since they love styling their hair differently every time. It was once believed that the only way to getting a versatile haircut is by maintaining the hair long, but hairstylists proved that short hair can be just as versatile, Rihanna’s hairstyles reinforcing this statement. It’s mostly the cut that creates the style and offers versatility.

Long hair

Long hair is considered to be the most versatile of all because of its length. The length of the hair contributes to the hairstyle’s versatility. Layers help give more styling options and allow the hair to have a good posture. Long hair is indeed more versatile than other hair lengths, but it also requires more styling time. Ponytail hairstyles, updos, half up/half down hairstyles, loose hairstyles straight or curly are only a few ways to style your long hair.

versatile long hairstyle versatile long hairstyle

Medium hair

Medium hair is among the most preferred hair length by women due to its medium maintenance level. Medium hairstyles can offer versatility as well, but the styling time can be a little bit lower simply because there is not so much hair to work with as with long hairstyles. Layers help with the hair’s versatility and help set the hair better in place. Style your medium hair vintage, in a pony, loose straight or curly, create a bun, updos, braids, and so on.

versatile versatile medium hairstyles

Short hair

Short hairstyles have been considered for a long time hairstyles with hardly any versatility, but hairstylists proved everyone wrong. The right cut and a little bit of length can help create various different looking hairstyles. Victoria Beckham and Rihanna can be a source of inspiration for your versatile haircut, so don’t hesitate to go short. Short hairstyles are very popular this year as well as very quick and easy to style in the desired style.

versatile short haircut versatile short haircut

Choose the versatile cut on the hair length which defines you best and create gorgeous styles every time you wish. You will surely be admired for your great style and gorgeous looks.