The midi is the dimension that never goes out of style. If you’re craving for an on trend look without having to sacrifice too much of your length, go for a similar chic in-between style.

These too-hot-to-handle medium haircuts were selected from an infinite range of voguish in-salon looks to provide you with the best inspiration for your upcoming style update. Experiment with edgy or traditional bob hairstyles or shaggy crops which conquered the heart of celebs and rising trendsetters from all over the world. Bring out the most of your best assets by opting for a suitable silhouette which adds refinement to your features.

Medium Haircutby IndolaMedium Haircutby Keller The SchoolMedium Haircutby Raffel PagesMedium Haircutby Raffel Pages

This diverse repertoire of stylish haircuts teaches you how to make the best beauty option for next year. Rock a midi which matches your personality and signature style. If you want to live on the wild side of life, it’s high-time to trim your locks and flaunt your creativity with a revitalized and mussed up look. Use high definition wax or texturising clay to perk things up a bit. Pamper your locks with deep conditioning treatments to protect your tresses from the damages of hair sculpting. Take a closer look at these artsy hairstyles and add movement to your locks with a softened and asymmetrical structure.

Medium Hairstyleby La BiosthetiqueMedium Haircutby Felicitas de EquipoMedium Haircutby Felicitas de EquipoMedium Haircutby Royston Blythe

Hairdressers also encourage you to try your hand at the sleek and ultra-polished looks to see whether these work for you or not. See these refined examples and use a tiny amount of volume gel and smoothing serum to keep frizz at bay. Enjoy the super-silky texture of your locks by following a few basic hair styling guidelines. Choose a length that provides you with a myriad of hair sculpting alternatives. A perfectly selected hair part and structure will do magic with your 2012 look.

Medium Haircutby Karine JacksonMedium Haircutby EssensualsMedium Haircutby WellaMedium Haircutby Farouk