Is there a correlation between hair color and personality?

Specialists are always analyzing the colors we are wearing, the colors that we prefer, but what about the colors that nature gave us?

Hair color has always been closely associated with personality types and changing one’s look can be a way of showing a different part of yourself. But the question is, if we dye our hair, will our personality and behavior change? Specialists have proven that complexion and hair color influences blood pressure. Just as adrenalin, which has a great role in our emotional states, feelings. So, if you dye your hair red, will you become a hot headed redhead? Specialists say you will, because everyday when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror your psyche gets signs that can influence your behavior and you’ll not only look like a redhead, but also act like one after a while and tend to adopt the stereotype.

Red Hair Colored Women's Personality

Red Hair ColorWomen with red hair are perceived as feisty, opinionated and seductive, usually breaking up with amazing ideas, explosive, irritable, full-blooded, passionate. On the flip side, analysts say you’re a sensitive person, strong headed, nothing is impossible for you and you’re very outspoken. Hardly get used to new things and very easy to annoy. Harvard specialists confirm the same: redheads’ anti-stress hormone level are much lower, so they’re living with an increased level of excitement.

Brown Hair Colored Women's Personality

Brown Hair ColorBrunettes are perceived as responsible good girls.French specialists have shown that among people who have won Nobel prices, the majority were brunettes. So are they smarter? No, but they were just constantly working, much harder then others. Brown haired women can be heavy-laden, she gets nervous only in the last really hard minutes when she’ll eventually give up. Specialists have already made up the perfect working group: reds will come up with the ideas, brunettes will make the masterwork, blondes will present it to the public, and the black haired women will handle the financials.

Why are they the perfect workers, why the ones who can make masterworks? Maybe because brown is the color of earth and they have their feet on the ground? Specialists say they do, and that they’re reassuring, reliable and impossible to overtake by any of the other blonde, redhead or brunette women.

Blonde Hair Colored Woman's Personality

Blonde Hair ColorBlondes are often thought of as the sex bomb, but also be stereotyped as high-maintenance and vain. They are more intelligent than men think. A survey has shown that blondes divorce more often, being always surrounded by proposals and attention. They get married earlier as well than other women. But why are men more attracted to blondes? This hair color reflects youthfulness and femininity but also can portray obedience and naiveté.

They may seem impressionable and easy but in reality, they have the strongest consciousness, a great memory, large lexical knowledge and they are even good at mathematics! Beside these, they have a great humor.

Black Hair Colored Womans Personality

Black Hair ColorWhile blondes are hasty, you should slow down with black haired women. They are more low-key, but none of the other colors have got as much respect from men than this one. They have great personalities, but can be seen more often at shrinks or therapists because they’re more concerned about where do we come from, where are we going to and how to increase their own evolution. Specialists have shown that black haired women are more serious and measured, sometimes melancholic, self- centered, but often doubting their own power.

They are mostly interested in history, soul developing, religion, being the one that is often concerned of spiritual themes, or poetry and painting which are the same category, and one of the bests when it comes to financials.