Gorgeous mid-length haircuts suit all face shapes. What is important it’s to consider the texture of your locks and the impression you want to make. Glam up your lifeless strands with one of these stylish medium hairstyles for summer. Pick a ‘do which flatters your features and allows you plenty of styling options. An additional factor to keep in mind, before taking a plunge into your next makeover is whether you want a haircut with a chic fringe or you’ll love to sport a uniform length style. Regular salon visits contribute to the funky and fresh vibe of your chic midi. Don’t forget about deep conditioning treatments to flash the soft texture and natural radiance of your strands.

Medium Hairstyle Ideaby David Robin MunnMedium Hairstyle Ideaby Petra MechurovaMedium Hairstyle Ideaby Bang HairMedium Haircut Ideaby David Robin Munn

If you feel like there’s nothing you could do to save your long tresses, go for a universally-flattering bob hairstyle. See these voguish examples on how to nail down one of these iconic hairstyle designs all perked up with choppy bangs, layers or a sharp angle. Boost your confidence with a polished hairdo that offers you the chance to make the most of your natural texture. If versatility is your goal, combine different hair trends.

Rock a dapper medium haircut which screams creativity and glamor. Today there’s no need to limit yourself to one single style you wear for decades. Instead, explore all your alternatives and try your hand at a multitude of shoulder- or chin-length cuts. Choose the ideal length depending on your styling skills and face shape. Sculpt your hair like a real fashionista who considers her hair a statement accessory.

Medium Haircut Ideaby Timothy SwitzerMedium Haircut IdeaWeb CollectionMedium Haircut Ideaby Bang HairMedium Haircut Ideaby James Parrucchieri

Visit your favorite hair stylist who knows how to vamp up your lifeless tresses. Medium hair styles require more styling especially if you want to inject diversity into your look. Add the ultimate wow factor to your midi bob or shag with a blunt fringe. Explore the impact a similar accessory has on your face shape. Update your beauty kit with mousse, texturising cream and a high-quality flat iron. Use all these tools to rev up your midi. Browse through the numerous collections of professionally-inspired haircuts and notice that mid-length ‘dos are timeless. Opt for these chic hair designs regardless of your age and don’t be afraid of attracting immediate attention with your cutting-edge look.

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