A great thing about the bob is that it can be worn by absolutely everyone. But its main selling point is that it’s the most versatile haircut around – it has the femininity of longer hair, but without the maintenance and can be worn sexy and edgy like short hair without losing too much length.

The secret to making the style work for you is to choose the right length for your face shape. Details such as where you want your parting and what kind of bangs you choose – if you want bangs – can make all the difference.

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Longer faces will suit bangs and hairstyles that are worn curly and tousled as these don’t add any length to the face, while rounder face shapes should go for sleeker styles as they will give the illusion of lengthening and slimming the face.

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Update your current haircut and make it modern with a bold bang and shattered layers. For fine hair types, ask your stylist to cut your hair in a graduated style, where it’s shorter at the nape of the neck, with longer layers on top, that will instantly provide you with great volume. If thinking about getting a bob, proceed with caution if you hair is very curly – you could end up with a ‘fro’, unless this is what you go for.

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Tight curls give an instant retro look to the bob and they’re so easy to create with a curling iron or a set of hot rollers. The poker straight finish is utterly timeless, but long layered side bangs make it fresh and ‘now’, whether worn sweeping across the eye or tucked behind the ear. Blow-dry hair smooth using a medium-sized round brush, create a hint of volume at the roots and finish by curving the ends with a flat iron and misting with hairspray.

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Tresses with an abundance of scrunched, tousled curls have been hot for a while now – neat or disheveled as you dare. Wave different sized sections of hair with a medium barrel curling iron and allow curls to cool. Flip your head upside down and shake out before running texturizing product through.

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Invest in good quality styling tools and some essential products to make the most out of you styling potential. Heat-styling can make your bob look dull and lifeless, so use a heat protection spray to maintain your hair’s shine.