The revolutionary tendencies of modern hairdressing offers us the chance to sport real pieces of art disguised in haircuts. Though some would rely on the magic of softened and muted fine lines, it seems that blunt hair bangs still managed to establish a strong reputation. In the case of short, medium and long strands, all will create a special effect due to the frame this accessory provides our face with. The various face shapes can find the right blunt cut that would accentuate the best assets of their look and would even out the eventual disproportions. Celebrities as well as the models of great hair stylists will offer illustrations on how to sport and shape a similar hairdo. People who are flirting with the idea of giving up layers for the sake of a short blunt haircut will find the repertoire below extremely inspiring..

Blunt and super-sleek bangs are often paired with a stylish bob hairstyle. Whether it appeals to the volume layers offer or sticks to the straight and fine lines of uniform designs, similar hairdos can do miracles with our look. This bangs style can be worn by everyone regardless of age, face shape and even hair length. Short hair styles can be immediately cheered up with a similar detail. Therefore, to master the look all you have to do is devote more attention to the length of the strands. Those who were blessed with an oblong and narrow face might scream for some roundness and smooth curves. This can be done when sporting long, eyebrow-sweeping bangs styles that would visibly reduce the length of the face. On the other hand, those who have a round face shape can opt for short or baby bangs that will grant their appearance with an instant lengthening effect.

Short cropped hairstyles as well as the classy mod-inspired bowl cuts can be also matched with a similar chic accessory. Blunt bangs can perfectly emphasize the geometrical flair of the strands. These looks are highly recommended to those who are proud to show off their style-consciousness and devote special attention to sport a unique hairdo. The blunt cuts and straight angles will contribute to the creation of a real frame for facial features. The strands can either lay smooth on the ears or can be trimmed just above this limit. In the case of similar artful hair styles it is essential to place more emphasis on shaping. Blunt cuts are best accentuated when maintained super-sleek. This is the only condition that secures their special effect.

Layers and blunt bangs can be perfectly fused into a mesmerizing haircut. Those who would like to mix the ‘rigor’ of the straight lines with the finesse of the uneven levels will be granted with endless opportunities to realize their biggest dream to enjoy both the benefits of stylish bangs and also a layered hair style. Be it a bob or a graduated hairdo, all will further boost the overwhelming effect of a similar short haircut. Add some funk to the strands by keeping the bangs super-sleek and the rest of the locks can be fabulously tousled with the help of some high brow hair styling products. Experiment with your ideas to sport the face shape- and also personality-appropriate hair style at all events.