Finding the best haircut for fine hair is hard if you’re only looking at longer options. Pixie haircuts for fine hair offer a great way to feel good by making your hair look good with less maintenance than a longer hairstyle.

A layered pixie adds to the fullness of your hair, making it especially suitable for fine or thin hair. What it lacks in length, it delivers in the way it can flatter your features and, when styled right, in sophistication.

Pixie Haircut: Fine Hair Solution

A very short cut on the sides and back works best with more length on the crown, concealing the fineness of your hair.

You can try the pixie haircut for fine hair with wispy bangs for a more youthful look or keep it simple for an elegant air.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair

Why Is the Pixie One of the Best Haircuts for Fine Hair

Shorter is better for fine hair, but don’t cut it super short if you want a flattering look. You can trim the sides and the back more, but keep some volume on top and ask for a layered pixie, that gives more fullness and texture.

Shaping the volume of your hair is the best option for getting a haircut that’s flattering for your hair, but you can also experiment with different ideas.

Don’t give up on your the bangs and ask for piecey bangs and consider opting for highlights, that give you hair extra dimension. Side-swept bangs are the best way to create a good look if your face is round. Heart-shaped faces are equally flattered by the right pixie haircut.

Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair Pixie Haircuts for Fine Hair

Celebrities Who Love the Pixie Haircut

Many stars with fine hair have sported a pixie haircut over the years. The style is especially flattering to older women and was sported successfully by Sharon Stone, Halle Berry and Judi Dench.

The pixie haircut for fine hair is a stylish option at any age, worn beautifully by Michelle Williams and most recently Anne Hathaway. Keeping the sides short while adding volume on top can be a great look, that works well for hair that’s lighter in color, like the pixie sported by Carey Mulligan, but also does wonders for darker hair, as seen on Rihanna.

How to Style Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

When it comes to hair products, the pixie haircut needs a less is more approach. For the best look, you can use dry oil mist to fight the frizz and ensure the shine.

For giving it the perfect shape, an excellent option is molding mud while keeping the sides flat is easiest when using a brush with fine bristles.