Pixie haircuts were very popular in the past and are making a huge comeback in 2010. Many celebrities have also been sporting this hairstyle as it was used with confidence by Katie Holmes, Sharon Stone, Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman or Rihanna.

The pixie haircut is sexy and chic and at the same time innocent and sweet. If you are tired of your old look and want to try a trendy, up to date haircut, don’t hesitate, because pixie is one of the hottest haircuts of 2010.

If your hair looks and feels right, that will boost your confidence and will brighten up your days. Find out more about how to get a stunning new look with a chic short hairstyle!

The pixie hairstyles are really versatile and feminine haircuts. They are ultra short and close to the head but can be styled either for longer or shorter hair. Usually the front of the hair is left longer, but it is shorter on top and in the back. If you leave it longer on the front, you can easily obtain a sexier look by sweeping bangs across one eye. Your short locks will surely call attention to your natural beauty and you will feel glamorous with your chic short haircut. Pixie is a great choice if you have a busy schedule and you don’t want to waste much time with styling your hair. It is a wonderful time-saving hairstyle that highlights your features and brings attention to your face.

Pixie is always trendy to wear and offers you boundless possibilities to style your hair and express your originality and individuality. With styling gel or volumizing mousse you can create yourself a messy look by placing the hair in the desired position with the help of your fingers or a comb. You can make your hair sleek, or simply just wash it and blow dry or air dry it, as you prefer. Unlike many other complicated haircuts, the pixie can easily be styled at home. You can create a gorgeous look in just a few moments and you can look like you have just stepped out of a hairdressing salon.

If your hair is thick and you want to add more volume and fun to it, pixie haircut is the style you should look forward to. It is also perfect for a woman who dares to experiment with new, sexy hairstyles. If you are a little more daring, you can also try new colors that convey your personal charm. Young women can add playful highlights to reflect their energy and youthfulness.

They can even wear stylish headbands and glamorous hair accessories. For a more sophisticated and formal look, you can comb your hair down with some styling gel. Middle aged or older women can fabulously hide gray hair by using some trendy colors to create a more elegant pixie style. Having a pixie haircut will simplify your life and will make you feel better than any other haircut. It is a really hot hairstyle this year, which can be cute and innocent, elegant and seductive at the same time, depending on how you style it. Pixie is also convenient for active tomboys, because it is a very short, still really feminine haircut and because it gently gives accent to your beautiful features. Pixie means confidence and style. If you feel that short hair would match your face, be daring to try a chic pixie haircut for this summer.