Hair just over the ears can be a sexy low-maintenance look. Check out the best haircuts, including short hair bobs, loved by many celebrities.

Wearing your hair just over the ears can give you an equally romantic look as longer hairstyles. See the most popular over the ear haircuts for women, from short hair bobs to messy short crops, sported by many stylish celebrities.

Short over the ear haircuts for women come in different shapes, but most of them need a bit of texture, so they're not the best look for straight thick hair, unless you choose one of the better defined classic bob cuts. Here are the trendiest options for over the ear haircuts for women. Pick your favorite 'do and rock a modern feminine look.

Over the Ear Haircuts for Women Over the Ear Haircuts for Women Over the Ear Haircuts for Women Over the Ear Haircuts for Women

Pixie Cut

One of Rihanna's favorite hairstyles, the pixie haircut was sported by other celebrities such as Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway with great results. Cute cropped pixie cuts can be enhanced with a feathered fringe that gently grazes the forehead for a stylish look.

Short Crop

With super short sides, Miley Cyrus managed to turn a short crop into a top-heavy look, that's mostly suited for round faces. Stay away from this look if you have an oblong face.

Short Shag

The short shag is one of the most effortless styles with hair just over the ears, but can require a lot of daily care to maintain the proper texture when your hair is limp or very straight. Add flipped ends for a funky look, sported by actresses like Ginnifer Goodwin and Milla Jovovich.

Victoria Beckham Inverted Bob Haircut Keira KnightleyBob Haircut Rihanna Mohawk Hairstyle Pink Blonde Mohawk Haircut

Messy Crop

With a slightly messy crop, like the one sported by Halle Berry, you should go for a top-heavy look with shorter sides, but don't add extra volume if your hair is already naturally curly. If you decide to lower your hair to cover your forehead, opt for side-swept bangs.

Short Mohawk

A favorite for Rihanna and Pink, the short mohawk doesn't always include super short sides. Easy to cut, but a bit harder to maintain on a daily basis depending on your hair type, the short mohawk can be the sexiest of all over the ear haircuts for women when you've got the attitude to back up your new trendy look.

Inverted Bob

From the many styles of short bobs that hit above the ear, the inverted bob haircut is not very easy to pull off, but the results can be excellent if you're looking for over the ear haircuts for women that don't make you give up your long bangs. Sported by Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley and many other stylish celebs, this style offers hair just over the ears in a more sophisticated way.

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