There are dozens of beauty strategies you can use to go glam. However, changing your hairdo is the shortest way to success. Therefore, draw some inspiration from these new medium haircut ideas which illustrate the ultra-femme and modern allure of mid-length strands.

Play with various textures and cutting techniques to find the hairdo which best suits your personality. Midis are popular options to load your locks with volume, as a consequence consider your needs and pick one of these salon-perfect cuts you can also promote on the street and the hottest events of the season.

Medium Layered Hairstyleby Dafydd Rhys ThomasMedium HaircutWeb CollectionMedium Layered Hairstyleby VenomMedium Layered Hairstyleby Venom

For decades the bob haircut maintained its popularity and became one of the iconic styles every woman should try at least once in her life. In order to break the one-dimensional structure of your chic midi, all you have to do is dress up the strands with asymmetry. Layered bob hairstyles offer you the chance to get rid of split ends and bulky texture. Thinned out locks can be styled with a tiny amount of texturizer or wax. Define the tapered structure of your crop to introduce an edgy flair into your look. Soften heavy layered cuts with a fabulous side-swept and graduated fringe design.

Medium Haircutby Evolve Hair DesignMedium Haircutby Victor PaulMedium Haircutby Jerry ValleMedium Haircutby Jerry Valle

You can also follow a few simple steps to make a dramatic change in your appearance. Choosing a blunt and boxy hair design proves to be an A-list tool to attract immediate attention. Top the effect of your geometrical style bob by complementing the ‘do with a blunt bangs style. Take a closer look at the hot examples presented below to see the impressive visual impact of this cool combination. Use some mousse or texturising paste to tousle your locks and sport a punked-up do. On the other hand, if you want to make a statement with your poker straight strands, you can limit the styling to using a flat iron and a tiny amount of smoothing cream.

Medium Haircutby NHF HairMedium Haircutby NHF HairMedium Haircutby Karine JacksonMedium Haircutby Alfaparf Milano