Bob hairstyles have remained one of the hottest hairstyles of the year being incredibly versatile and offering a timeless elegance. Nowadays, due to the grand variety of hair cutting techniques and the multitude of choices when it comes to styling, virtually any woman can find a bob hairstyle that suits her. Layered bob hairstyles are among the most popular bob hairstyles because of the versatility of this medium hairstyle as well as the fact that it is extremely easy to maintain and because it has a lot of advantages when it comes to balancing the facial features.

Adding layers can be beneficial from multiple points of view. For instance, women with fine hair can instantly gain more natural volume trough the structured look that layered hairstyles tend to create. Aside from adding structure, they can also create movement especially when paired with a few stylish highlights. Layering is also a method used to upgrade a hairstyle without having to sacrifice too much length or turn to other complicated tips to create the desired effect. Layered bob hairstyles can compliment a variety of face shapes depending on the layering style chosen. To make the best choice when it comes to layered bob hairstyles you should opt for layers that create volume in the areas you need the most.

Soft layered bob hairstyles are perhaps the most popular choices because they are suitable for most face shapes and they create a gentle overall structure. Graduated bob hairstyles are seen as a good choice by women of all ages because they allow a completely different choice compared to the classic bob hairstyles while at the same time allowing women to stay within their comfort zone when it comes to hairstyling. Although the changes might be subtle from the hair cutting perspective, the effects are many times astonishing providing a classy and noticeable change. Another soft layered bob hairstyle that might prove to be a good choice is the feathered bob hairstyle. This hairstyle is recommended mostly for oval, oblong and diamond face shapes.

Choppy layered hairstyles on the other hand can be a good choice when a more modern look is desired. With choppy layers, bob hairstyles can be changed through a series of hair styling techniques as this structure can easily be adapted to create funky, edgy hairstyles that can be customized in a variety of different ways for a stylish alternative to more conventional hairstyles. With this type of layering, any minor change made to the hair styling technique can have an amazing effect on the final result, so a good dose of creativity and a good set of styling tools are the only necessary ingredients required to completely transform your hairstyle on a daily basis.

One of the easiest way to modify the texture layered bob hairstyle is to create curls or soft waves to better emphasize the entire structure. This is not only a good way to break the monotony, but also to create a more formal hairstyle that leads to an overall polished appearance with the help of a few seductive and girly touches that can be added in a matter of minutes.

Loose curls and soft layers are often the best choices as they can create a delicate structure that makes the layering technique a lot more visible as opposed to tight curls that tend to shorten the overall length and that can add too much volume on the cheekbone area. The latter situation might turn out to be unflattering for certain face shapes for which adding volume in this area creates unnecessary heaviness and increases the overall width, a thing that might make creating an oval shape more difficult.